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Exodus 32-34 Doesn’t Apply to Us Today

August 2, 2011

When I was preparing for TrinKids Worship last week, I came across this thoughtful statement from Peter Enns. It makes me thankful for the work of Christ on our behalf. It also makes me thankful for people like Dr. Enns who carefully read their Bible.

“…Exodus 32 is relevant today because in it we see how God does not act now. This is not to drive a wedge between the Testaments and to proclaim the story passe. It is rather to understand this one story in the context of the whole. In other words, Exodus 32-34 is not to be applied in any conventional sense of the word. We do not read the story, make a mental image of God being angry, and then imagine him acting similarly in contemporary settings of our choosing (i.e. homosexuality). Rather, it is to help us see what God is like, what he expects, and how Christ completes the picture. In doing so the significance of the story is not rejected but properly understood.” Peter Enns, NIV Application Commentary – Exodus, p. 593

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