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Cars Under the Stars to Replace Fall Festival This Year

September 26, 2011

After I got off the stage yesterday morning during announcements I forgot to make two points and was kicking myself all morning…so here are the two points I left off which may help clarify things for everyone.

#1 – Cars Under the Stars will replace Fall Festival this year. This decision was made in concert with the session, staff, and children’s ministry team as we sought to put on an event in the Fall that would draw as many new faces to Trinity as possible. Historically, Fall Festival has been a great event at Trinity. We may even go back to it one day! However, Fall Festival took a large quantity of time and energy to put on and was largely attended by people already at Trinity and was not a huge draw for the community of Tuscaloosa and Northport, as is the goal when we put on a community outreach event. Cars Under the Stars will require significantly less time and energy to put on and has the potential to draw far more people from the community that we have not met yet. Our hope is that they will come and experience our warm hospitality that will put them on the road to knowing the divine hospitality of our heavenly host. With all this, comes a few questions people have asked…

How will people know about Cars Under the Stars?

You will tell them! The best way to get people outside the church to come to events is to personally invite them. We have flyers available at both entrances to the church that you can take to distribute to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others. In addition, we have posters you can hang up around the community in your offices, favorite coffee shops, and even the rear window of your car! We already have commitments from 15 popular locations including Starbucks, Moes, and Coldstone to host our posters. The success of this event rests on your investment in being inviting to those you are in contact with outside the church.

Is Cars Under the Stars just for families with children?

Not a chance! We want to see everyone out for this event. College students, young marrieds, empty nesters…when I say everyone, I mean everyone! This is going to be a great time to celebrate our rich fellowship with our local community. Besides…Cars is a pretty cool movie for all ages.

I am accustomed to helping out with Fall Festival. Since that is not happening this year, I would like to help with Cars Under the Stars. How do I find information on volunteering?

We need help in all areas from greeting to set-up to cooking. Contact me at or 321-266-8672 to find out more. I can get you plugged into a small or large-commitment volunteer position.

My kids enjoyed getting candy and dressing up at Fall Festival. Will they have to miss out on this now?

Not at all! We will have candy available at Cars Under the Stars and will have a dress-up night at TrinKids PM on October 23rd. Sarah and I already have some pretty killer costume ideas!

#2 – BAKE-OFF!!! At Cars Under the Stars we will have a Bake-Off with judging. It could get quite competitive, so make sure to pick your best recipe! Bring enough for 10-12 people so we will have plenty to share. Make sure your desserts are there at 5:00 the night of the event to be entered in the competition.

Thank you all for your support thus far. Make sure to ask me how you can help so we can make this event as great as possible!

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