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Rethinking Evangelism

October 13, 2011

One of the unique things about Cars Under the Stars will be that it is evangelism (reaching people who do not know Jesus) in a different way than we usually think about it. We will not be presenting the Gospel at the event and won’t be collecting contact information. We won’t even be attaching a Bible verse to every piece of candy we hand to the kids! We will simply show hospitality to our community, providing them with an event that is accessible and non-threatening. I ran across this article today which describes some of the thinking behind events such as Cars Under the Stars. It is a helpful, short read.

“What if you skipped handing out tracts, asking people to share their contact information, or attaching a Bible verse to each piece of candy?  What if instead you just provided a free, family friendly, welcoming event with no strings attached or ulterior motive?  You in fact would be ministering in much the same way Jesus did.  He healed the sick, fed the hungry, befriended outcasts, and gave endless forgiveness and love, not to mention his life and asked for NOTHING in return.  Imagine how Christianity could be transformed if we provided genuine hospitality.  What if people wanted to come to your church because they wanted to care for others the way you do, not because they were enticed or guilted into it?” Click here for the full article.

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