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What’s the Proper Role of Children’s Ministry?

October 18, 2011

Disclaimer: As with many of the things I post on this blog, I don’t necessarily agree with everything in this post. However, it is a good discussion that should at least get you thinking of the role of parents vs. the role of a children’s pastor as we lead our children to know and love Jesus and others. Please comment below, I would love to get some feedback on this article!”

Wayne Stocks:

So, I think the question is not, “how do we leverage the time parents have with their kids?” Instead, I think the real question we should be asking as a church is, “Why are we not calling parents to fulfill this responsibility to their kids, and what does that say about the type of Christians our church is producing?”  Is it the place of a Children’s Ministry to try to teach parents how to raise their kids in the things of God, or is that a role that the whole church should be undertaking?  Why has this role seemingly been abdicated to children’s pastors in most churches?  Is it because “they’re the ones who are supposed to deal with the kids?”  Have we, as a church, overlooked the responsibility to call parents to account for how they are raising their kids?  Why is it that we emphasize spiritual disciplines like prayer, time in the word, giving and evangelism and ignore the means of transmission of those disciplines (families) mandated by God?  In short, have we as a church abdicated our responsibility towards children by throwing them in a room bythemselves and giving them their own programs rather than teaching parents how to be the spiritual leaders in their homes? Read the article here.

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  1. boysnberries permalink
    October 19, 2011 5:45 am

    I think this is a wonderful article calling the church to task on teaching parents how to take the gospel of grace into their hearts and then in turn to spread it to their children. When we care for the souls of the parents, we are doing them a great service. When we fail to point them towards their ministry to their own family, we are not. There are good things in having our children meet with others of their own age, but there is much to be said for having inter-generational gatherings and meetings where children and older people alike remember that the body is much bigger than people in their situation of life. Much like traveling to a foreign country teaches us that the world is bigger than ourselves, so does just being together as a whole church. We begin to think less of children as a bother, tend to have less pity on the parents of these children, and tend to think less negatively of those who aren’t helping in children’s ministry when we work together as a whole to reach one another for Christ.

    And it’s absolutely the role of the Church to equip parents with the tools and resources they need to let the gospel of grace pervade and invade the structure of their families. How that’s done looks different for each body, but it certainly does need to be done.

    Thank you, Chris, for pointing our children to the cross of grace and for pointing us as parents to look there as well. You and Sarah are a blessing unmerited.

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