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Pre and Post TK PM Parent Information For This Sunday

November 4, 2011

As most of you know, this Sunday will be a unique night at TrinKids PM. Children from Kindergarten through 6th grade will not go to Kids Club or Crossfire, but instead will hear a sermon on the two parables of Matthew 13:44-46. The following are some helpful things to get your children ready to hear the sermon and some follow-up topics to discuss with them at home. Pray with me that we see children taking ownership of their faith in new ways and even coming to faith for the first time.

The two parables of Matthew 13:44-46 show the infinite supremacy of the kingdom of heaven. God’s kingdom, which we are told to pray for in the Lord’s Prayer is worth more than anything we could ever own. This goes beyond just material possessions. Yes, the kingdom of heaven is worth more than all our clothes, cars, homes, vacations, and country club memberships combined; however the implications of these parables is far greater. The kingdom of heaven is weightier than your reputation, love from others, and feelings of self-worth. Basically, the Lord is supremely valuable and worth all our trust, attention, and even our life.

In the first parable a man finds treasure in a field. He buries the treasure and sells all he has to buy the field. He sells all his possessions in order to acquire something that will not feed him, clothe him, or do his laundry for him. It is a treasure, most likely a jewel of some sort. All it is good for is to look at. Yet, it is so valuable it is worth everything. The kingdom of heaven is compared to this treasure…it is worth everything. Before Sunday, talk to your children about (1) the emotions the man must have felt when he found the treasure (2) the emotions he had when he sold all he had, and (3) what selling everything probably meant to his quality of life.

In the second parable, a man is out looking for pearls (note the plural). He finds one pearl (note the singular) and sells everything he has to gain the one pearl. Again, this pearl is compared to the kingdom of heaven. Again, a man sees it as worth everything he has. This man sold his business (he was probably a pearl dealer of some sort) and all his business had acquired for one pearl. Before the sermon, show your child what a pearl looks like. For some of our smaller children, they may not even know what a pearl is. Show them how small and insignificant it may seem. This will help them grasp the magnitude of what it meant for this man to sell everything.

Follow-up Questions

1. Why did the men sell everything they have? What does that tell us about the kingdom of heaven and the worth of God?

2. How do we as a family and you personally see God as infinitely supreme to anything we own and/or cherish?

3. How do you think we are supposed to respond to these stories? (Read Romans 1:16-17)

4. What do these stories teach you about Jesus?

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