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Top 10 Posts of the Year – #8 – Home School Blind Spots

December 23, 2011

Before I get much further than the title of this post, note what I am not saying. I am not saying that home schooling is a bad thing…in fact, I think for some people it is a great thing! I am not saying that I think public or private schools are a good thing…in fact, I think they can occasionally be a poor choice for some children. What is important in choosing schooling for our children is to know them well. Each child has varying personality, temperament, and life issues that may make one type of school better for them than another. It is important to be a reflective parent in the process of choosing schools as the Bible is silent on schooling choices, necessitating a great deal of wisdom on the part of the parent. Knowing the pros and cons of schooling choices will help each set of parents to make the best choice for their family. With that, here is an article by Josh Harris on Home Schooling.

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