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Changes to TK Worship and Sunday School

January 17, 2012

One of my goals as a children’s director is to be innovative. Not just for the sake of innovation, but for the sake of doing something new so that the gospel of grace comes to bear on our children in ways we never thought possible. One of the disciplines I have had to learn within innovation is how to leave something that works alone, but to also boldly change things when change is needed.

Two things within TK will undergo some slight changes this semester. These will be TK Worship and TK Sunday School for our Pre-K classes. Beginning this week (Jan. 22), our Pre-K Sunday School classes will start a new curriculum. This curriculum has been written by myself (Chris) and Kim Harwood. It is a 22 lesson curriculum on the Gospel of Matthew called “Who Is Jesus?” The curriculum comes with a lot of the bells and whistles of the curriculum the children have used in the past, but has been produced entirely by TrinKids. The benefits of this is twofold. First, we are breaking our reliance on what can be an unpredictable and oftentimes less-than-Christ-centered approach from mass produced Sunday School curriculum (particularly for Pre-K students). Secondly, is that we will be able to match what we teach in Pre-K Sunday School with what we teach in TK Worship.

That means that in Pre-K Sunday School and TK Worship, children will be exposed to the same passage. Kindergarten through 3rd grade will still be a part of TK Worship, but will be taught from other passages in Sunday School. This is merely a means to meet our Pre-K students at their developmental level. For their age and stage, two lessons in one morning can be more than they can handle. So, for example, this week Matthew 1:18-25 will be taught in Pre-K Sunday School and TK Worship.  Think of Sunday School as a preview for TK Worship for our Pre-K students.

Now…before you think that I believe I hold the magic key to how to best instruct Pre-K students, know that a facet to innovation is evaluation. This semester, the Children’s Ministry Team will be evaluating how well this system is working. Maybe it is the best system…and maybe it isn’t. Know that we are prayerful in this process, that the Lord would bring us success in ministry as we pursue excellence. It is my prayer that innovation in this area of our ministry would bring God glory as we see 3 and 4-year old children answering the question, “who is Jesus?” with the firm answer, “He is my savior!”

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