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What Sin Does to Relationships

February 1, 2012

A good summary by Michael Williams in his book Far as the Curse is Found.

“An entire demonic panoply of consequences stems from Adam and Eve’s disobedience. It perverts human’s relationship to God. The creature meant to be God’s image bearer, his covenant mediator within creation, has declared war on God. Alienation takes the place of covenant intimacy. Hostility, rather than obedient servant-hood, no characterizes man’s relationship to God. The Bible speaks of the corruption that blinds man to righteousness and disposes him towards selfishness, making him a slave to sin. Yet no sin is ever an isolated event, an issue that is relevant only to the sinner and God. Sin fractures and corrupts man’s relationship not only to God but also to other human beings, to the world, and to himself.” (pgs. 67-68)

Brothers and sisters…we are not disconnected, isolated beings who can hide from the fall by pretending we cannot hurt one another. In fact the closer you are to someone, the more you will hurt them. However, you are not without hope. Live in the truth that we do hurt one another and that there is a deep well of forgiveness bought on Calvary whereby you are forgiven and you are able to forgive those who harm you. That well is also the deep provision of healing for the wounded.

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