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Five Reasons You Should Attend the Parenting Retreat

March 15, 2012

On March 31st, we will be hosting Commend His Works: A Parenting Retreat at Trinity from 9 am – 2 pm. Now…you might be thinking to yourself, “There is not a chance I am going to that.” And…for the most part there are some good reasons. However, let’s be honest…there are some really lame ones too. Yes, Trinity will conference you to death in the Spring, yes our weekends are precious, yes…March Madness will be in full swing (but games don’t start until 6 that night), but this is still a very important event. Here’s my 2 cents at why:

1. This is a unique opportunity – For every Parenting Retreat/Conference, I would guess there are about 15 missions conferences and 10 marriage conferences. It is just not an area many churches cover…but it is a holy task that nearly all of us will be involved in at some point. Because of the lack of communication on the topic, parenting can turn into a couple’s greatest enemy when the Bible views it as a delight.

2. Your Great Commission starts at home – Most of us will never have the chance, desire, or means to become a full time missionary. It is a unique calling to go into a small village in Malawi like Paul Chinchin to preach the Gospel. It is an equally important task to preach the Gospel and make disciples around the dinner table. However, if you are like most parents, you feel ill-equipped for the task. The conference will address some of these issues.

3. The playing field of parenting is changing at lightspeed – I am 28, just glanced at the Top 10 songs on the Billboard charts and literally knew none of them. I could not tell you what shows are on MTV right now or what movies are in the theater. If I have little idea about these things, as a parent you may not feel much better. At Commend His Works we will have a breakout session on Media. This will be an important session as we examine what our children consume in light of the presupposition that “all truth is God’s truth.”

4. Your children want you to attend – I have not talked to them directly, don’t worry! But, study after study shows that children wish their parents were better at parenting. When they get into their college years they do not wish that they played more baseball, went on more vacations, or had every video game known to mankind. What they wish is that their parents were more engaged with and supportive of them growing up in their discipleship.

5. Nothing in life is free…but this is – Most conferences we go to cost about $200 simply to attend. Then, tack on hotel, travel, and food expenses and you can easily spend close to $1000 for a couple to attend a major parenting conference. Commend His Works costs nothing (if you brown bag it for lunch, otherwise it is $5 per person for lunch). We may not be bringing in Paul Tripp, but we do have leadership within our church with over 100 years of parenting experience who will pour into you all day. This is an important time for our church body to embrace parenting as an important calling and to know that we cannot go this alone but that we need others along for the journey.

Register by clicking here.

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