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Should We Hide The Details of Good Friday From Children?

April 6, 2012

When you read the details of what happened on Good Friday, it reads like an R rated movie. Jesus was beaten, insulted, stripped naked, had his hands ripped apart by nails, bled to death, and was given no justice in the matter. This is a lot for children to handle. Or is it?

My point here is not to set forth a concrete plan for your family to follow this Good Friday. My point is to say that asking if children can handle the details of Good Friday might be the wrong question. Can you handle the details of Good Friday? Can any of us handle them? We can try to put Jesus’ death into human categories of life and death, justice and injustice, shame, and suffering. However, none of us should get to a point where we can handle the details of Good Friday. If you get there, you have numbed yourself to the disgusting nature of sin and the tear jerking rescue plan of God.

Now, don’t hear what I am not saying. There is some discernment in all of this. Should a 2 year old watch the Passion of the Christ? Probably not. However, I would urge you to invite your children into the nooks and cranies of the bloody details of Jesus’ death as your family mourns and laments your role in his death. If your children can’t “handle” the details of Jesus’ death, they are actually having an appropriate response…one we could all learn from (Matthew 18:3). Don’t make Jesus’ death sound like Uncle Joe’s death. You will do your children a great disservice. God sent his only Son to die a humiliating, bloody, agonizing death so that you and your children could have life. What a wonderful gift!


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