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The Mission of God’s People

April 23, 2012

One of my favorite theologians is Chris Wright. Not only do we share the same first name….but, well, he is awesome. The only thing is that hardly anyone has heard of him! Back when I was candidating for my first ministry placement out of seminary, I wrote that Wright was my favorite theologian on a questionnaire they sent me. They confessed later that they almost didn’t call me back because they had never heard of Wright and were afraid I might be a wacko!

I have found Wright to be very helpful over the years in helping me to expand my definitions of gospel and mission. Most anyone will be reoriented on these two topics when reading Wright. These expansions of definitions have led to an increasing focus on what bearing gospel and mission have on my own life. I just started in on his most recent work, The Mission of God’s People, today. I have scanned and made available the first chapter of this highly readable book here.  I look forward to what he has to teach me in the rest of the chapters.

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