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Books You Should Read – Family Shepherds

May 24, 2012

I first heard Voddie Baucham speak at a youth conference in 2002. He is a passionate guy, filled with the love of the Lord and lovingly aggressive in his challenge for men to step up to the plate to lead their families well. So, when his book, Family Shepherds, came out last year I was eager to read it. Because of ordination study, I have just now gotten around to it. It did not disappoint in the slightest. Voddie delivers a strong plea to husbands to take the lead in their families. He hits on four areas: Family Discipleship, Marriage Enrichment, Training and Disciplining Children, and Lifestyle Evaluation. Even though I am not a parent yet (will be December 13th!) I found his words challenging. In particular, his material on lifestyle evaluation is fantastic as he questions why and how we have replaced family worship with baseball games, dance recitals, and school events. The role of discipling children has shifted drastically in the last 100 years from the home to trained professionals (like me!). While I do not foresee Trinity abandoning programmed programmed children’s ministry anytime soon (as Voddie lightly suggests we should consider doing), this book provides a helpful corrective in reminding us that the majority of discipleship for children should take place in the walls of your home, not at a church program. In order to do this, however, families must learn to say “no” to far more than they do right now and take seriously their role as family shepherds. I am thankful for this book and I hope it will inform much of my practice in the coming years as a husband, parent, and a Children’s Pastor (note the order of these titles…something Baucham makes very clear). While it is a quick read, I would highly recommend that you pick it up and slowly digest the contents as you evaluate your own shepherding of your families. Buy it here.

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