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Three Reasons You Should Come to TrinKids Open House

August 9, 2012

It’s the time of year again when everything is getting ramped up again. Children are getting ready to go back to school, Alabama football is in the air, and Fall sports are right around the corner. So, why should you take an hour and come to TrinKids Open House next Wednesday night, August 15th, from 6-7 pm? Good question. Your time is valuable, my time is valuable, and neither of us want it wasted. Simply put, I would not do an Open House if I did not see the point of it. But I sincerely believe it is one of the most important things we do within TrinKids. So, without further ado…here are three reasons to come:

1. To be encouraged alongside other parents. I was reflecting the other day about how difficult it would be to move to a city with your spouse and a couple of children and have no church connection. Your social network would be limited to work and maybe a few parents you might meet elsewhere. In a local congregation, there is a different story. Within TrinKids there are over 30 family units represented. By being a part of a local church you immediately enter into a support network a mile wide. You don’t have to do the task of parenting alone. You have others along on the journey. But…in order to tap into that network you need to meet people and spend and invest time in them. TrinKids Open House is one way to meet other parents and be mutually encouraged for the task of parenting together. Even if you have been at Trinity for a while and feel like a lone wolf, it is not too late to meet others in your life stage who can help you through the ups and downs of life. Don’t do parenting alone, and certainly don’t try to be a Christian on your own.

2. Because there is literally nothing more important for your children. It consistently amazes me the number of parents who devote hundreds of hours to their children’s sports, music, and academic lives and next to nothing to their walk with the Lord. These are important things, so please don’t hear what I’m not saying! I will be just as excited as you to coach my son’s soccer team one day. However, all this business cannot come at the expense of yours or your child’s involvement in their church. Children will rarely surpass the spiritual maturity of their parents. So, if you have been a wallflower in spiritually leading your family and children…it’s time to dance this Fall. This may involve some re-prioritization in your family. It will certainly come at a price…but the benefit is, as Paul writes to the Colossians, supreme. Come to Open House to learn about how you and your children can be fed a hefty portion of grace through TrinKids. Literally nothing is more important.

3. You will be in the loop. Ever wonder why we put so much emphasis on only 3 programs a week? Have you ever noticed that we never plan an extra TrinKids event that does not involve the whole family? Always wanted to serve, but are not sure where your place is? Come to find out these answers and more at Open House. We do our best within TrinKids to shove pertinent information in your face on a consistent basis, but many of you have questions that can only be answered in a format like Open House.

See you Wednesday! Childcare is provided, screaming babies are welcome.

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