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Why I Love The Children’s Catechism

December 3, 2012

Get around me too long and you will learn that I am not one for “status quo.” Rarely do I get my hands on something and not want to change  an aspect of it. And so, it has been a discipline to learn to leave things that work alone. Things stand the test of time for a reasons my 29-year-old mind cannot fathom yet…and so working with the Children’s Catechism this Fall has been an exercise in both discipline and grace. Discipline for the first few weeks as I simply did not want to use it and then grace as it fed my soul and our children the whole semester. Some reasons I have come to love the Children’s Catechism:

(1) It is easily reproducible. High on the top ten list of questions I get from parents pertains to resources and how to get their hands on material to disciple their children. Enter the Children’s Catechism. You need very little (if any) prep time and the lesson can be short and based around something everyone can take with them. Imagine a simple discussion around the dinner table based on Question 2: “What else did Got make?” Answer: “God made all things.” What are those things God made? Did he make the green beans we are eating? Did he make the grass outside? Did he make it so our mouths could smile? Let’s all give God thanks for one thing he made that we enjoy.

How simple is that?

(2) You arm yourself and your children for the war at hand. Don’t doubt it for a second. You are at war against sin and so are your children. Satan would love to attack them early in life and lure them away from God. Don’t let this strike fear in you because the Lord will call to himself whoever he wills regardless of your parenting tactics. However, this does not negate our responsibility to arm our children with truth. Martin Lloyd Jones is famous for saying that we listen to ourselves too much and don’t talk to ourselves enough. The Children’s Catechism enables our children to tell themselves what is true to fight the early onslaughts of the evil one. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the first time your 5-year-old was faced with the question, “Does God really love me?” he was able to answer with part of Question 5: “…he made me and takes care of me.”

(3) It enables children to have mastery. All of us are hardwired to have dominion over God’s creation (Gen. 1:28). Yet, often our children feel like church is an “adult thing.” Some of them can’t read a children’s Bible let alone an adult version, everyone else seems to understand so much more than they do, and there are “weird” things they don’t yet understand like baptism and the Lord’s supper. Many of us carry this same thought process into adulthood. Christianity is complex, hard to understand, and the Bible is like one of this jigsaw puzzles of the sky that I can’t ever seem to finish or comprehend. The Children’s Catechism gives even the youngest child something to have mastery over. The first question, “Who made you?” has a one syllable answer, “God.” By using the Children’s Catechism we provide a low entry point that is achievable for any child with even rudimentary verbal skills. That, in and of itself, makes it an indispensable tool!

You can access the Children’s Catechism for free here. 

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