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Top 10 Posts of the Year – #2: Reflections on Cars Under the Stars

December 31, 2012

As I sit this morning and reflect on what the Lord did Friday night, I am reminded of his goodness to Trinity in so many ways. Here are just a few of them:

1. I am thankful for how the bride of Christ has been knit together at Trinity. We are a hospitable congregation to those outside the church. This was the case long before I was here and is truly a part of the DNA of how the Lord has made Trinity. Certainly, as with any organization in a fallen world, there will be an outsider/insider crowd mentality. However, the bulk of Trinity has a desire to see those in our community welcomed in. I saw this in so many ways from the conversations that were had to the way several of you helped serve food to hundreds of guests. Thank you for showing the hospitality of our God to our community.

2. I am thankful that Trinity is a church willing to take risks. Over a year ago the Children’s Ministry Team had to make the very difficult decision of canceling Fall Festival in favor of events like Cars Under the Stars. Last year Trinity went along with us as we wanted to create an event that would truly draw outsiders in. That was a big risk! This year, again, when we wanted to take an even riskier step by bringing Cars Under the Stars to the Townes of North River; our church body was nothing but supportive. This was a risky step for many because (1) now the event was not at the church, (2) we had no real way to let people know that Trinity was hosting the event (per Townes regulations), and (3) the influx of non-Trinity people would mean significantly more work on our volunteers. However, Trinity took the plunge and supported an event that was a blessing to our community where 50% of 300 or so attendees were not regular attenders at Trinity. Praise be to God for his faithfulness!

3. I am thankful most of all that the gift of salvation is of the Lord. In Revelation 7:10, in what I believe to be one of the controlling verses of the entire Bible, it is written that, “Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!” It gives us so much freedom when putting on evangelistic events to know that the Lord sits on his throne and reigns over everything…including the salvation of souls. There is a time and place for direct presentations of the Gospel. There are also even more times and places for showing hospitality to one another to build trust and relationships as avenues of sharing the Gospel with our lives. I am thankful the weight of salvation does not rest on you or me and that we can cooperate with what the Lord is already doing in people’s lives by treating them the way God would.

I am looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us as a church body as we invest in the Townes of North River. Be on the lookout for more events and ways to be involved coming up this Spring and Summer!

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