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Top 5 Things I’m Excited About in TrinKids This Year

January 23, 2013

I was talking with one of our volunteers yesterday about how the first few weeks of January feel like a blur and it isn’t until the second half of the month that you begin to feel human again. I feel like I am finally coming down from the clouds and am excited about some things we have coming up this semester in TrinKids. Here is my top 5 things (in no particular order):

Compassion International: Beginning at the children’s program at the Missions Conference on the night of February 10th we will be sponsoring a Compassion International child (or two or three). This is a tangible way we can stay connected in prayer and giving to children who are less fortunate around the world. Throughout the year we will highlight our children for prayer, giving, and sending cards and presents. I am praying that this will give our children a vision of what it means to live sacrificially for the good of another.

TrinKids Sunday School: When I think about the caliber of teachers who lead TKSS I am simply blown away. They have a love for our children and a desire to teach God’s word. This is a time when our children are equipped to handle the Bible, defend their faith, and make application to their lives. I am always encouraged whenever I get to pop my head into one of our Sunday School rooms to see what value there is in this program.

Popsicles in the Park: Beginning in mid-March (once it warms up!) we will begin hosting a weekly event in the Townes of North River called Popsicles in the Park. Simply stated, at 3:15 every Thursday we will bring a cooler full of popsicles and games to the Courtney Anna Square in the Townes for the purpose of connecting with children and families. If you live in the Townes and would be interested in “hosting” a week, please contact Chris:

Kickball Tournament: Get ready for the second installment of Trinity’s Annual Kickball Tournament on April 28th. We will have games all afternoon for adults, youth, and children. The second time around is going to be twice as good. Plus, the potluck dinner will be back!

TrinKids PM: Sunday nights are the highlight of my week when we have TrinKids PM. I am encouraged by the new crew of volunteers we have and those who are staying on from last year. TKPM is a fun time of worship, games, activities, and just plain hanging out together! We are getting a bit later start than usual this semester, but I am pumped for our Feb. 17th launch date.

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