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TrinKids + Compassion International

February 20, 2013

Beginning with this year’s Missions Conference, TrinKids  is sponsoring a child through Compassion International. We adopted a 4-year-old girl from Bangladesh named Sumaya. She is from an area of the world where the average wage is $30/month, most live in poverty, and oftentimes girls like her end up as a part of the sex trade where unthinkable things are done to her before she even hits puberty. Our $38/month sponsorship of her will provide her with shelter, food, schooling, and clothing. It will also help assure that she is protected against the abuse that is so rampant in her country.

Throughout the years (we plan on supporting her for 14 years!) our children will be learning more about Sumaya as we correspond back and forth through letters and photos. Every week, our offering in TrinKids Worship will go to support Sumaya at $38/month, or even beyond that! It is our hope that Sumaya will not be our only child but that in the coming years we will be able to help support a number of children like her from all over the world. What a tangible way for our children to be on mission, making disciples of all nations! Below is a prayer card for Sumaya. Will you print it out and put it on your fridge, bathroom mirror, or somewhere where you will remember to pray for her regularly? Also, don’t forget to help your children to remember to bring an offering for Sumaya to TrinKids Worship as often as they are able.

Sumaya Prayer Card copy

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