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Practical Ways to Help Your Children Give to Sumaya

March 19, 2013

Sumaya Prayer Card copyAs many of you know, we adopted a child through Compassion International from Bangladesh during our annual missions conference in February. Her name is Sumaya. She is 5 years old, lives with her mom and dad, and with our help has been able to begin attending school! Our adoption of Sumaya will provide her with food, shelter, clothing, and many other life necessities we take for granted. We have made a 13 year commitment to Sumaya through TrinKids to support her at a rate of $38/month.

Your children have been and will be learning more about Sumaya as we spend time studying her culture and praying for her once a month. This is an awesome opportunity for our children to learn how the gospel pushes us to be outward facing. It also provides a wonderful learning opportunity for them in financial stewardship. Every dime that is given from now in the TrinKids Worship offering will go to help Sumaya. If your children either do not attend TKWorship or are too old to attend, you can arrange your donations by contacting Chris:

Here are 5 practical ways your children can participate:

1. If they receive allowance, help them to tithe on that amount. Even if it is only $0.10, learning the practice of 10% tithing will pay a lifetime of dividends!

2. Round up. As a family, make a commitment that whenever you go out to eat you will round-up to the nearest dollar and bring that money to TKWorship for Sumaya. For example, if you spend $35.60 at Chipotle then your child would bring 40 cents to TKWorship.

3. Have a list of “special chores” your children can do that aren’t normally required of them for which they can earn money to give to Sumaya. 50 cents for vacuuming a room, 30 cents for sweeping the porch, and 75 cents for doing the dishes can really add up!

4. Sumaya’s birthday is on August 1st. Consider giving her a gift just like you would give your friends at school a gift. $5-10 would be a huge blessing to her!

5. Have a garage sale once a year where your children can earn money by selling old toys. Instead of stuffing them in the attic, why not use them to help our adopted child?

As always, if you have any questions about this or anything else TrinKids related, please contact Chris at

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