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9 Reasons The Kickball Tournament/Potluck is Awesomesauce

April 17, 2013

The 2nd Annual Trinity Kickball Tournament is this upcoming Sunday. This was my favorite event we did all year last year at Trinity and is going to be even better this year. Here are my top 10 reasons why:

9. Markus Weisbarth…the guy can kick the ball a mile and is a freak of nature. If all you do is come to the games to watch him…it is worth the price of admission (which is free).

8. Hotdogs…Who doesn’t like this disgustingly delicious meat? We will have lots of them to go along with your contributions to the Potluck at 5 (Last Names A-N bring a salad and O-Z bring a dessert).

7. Steve Johnson…Grillmaster/pastor/preacher/jack-of-all-trades will be grilling these wonderful hotdogs.

6. 75 degrees…The high temperature on Sunday. ‘Nough said.

5. The children’s game…it is the highlight of the night. It is fun to watch our 1st-5th graders compete and have lots of fun doing it! Register your children here.

4. Adults get to act like children…Come on, you know the 9-5 is killing you. Raising children makes your childhood feel like a distant memory. Somehow playing kickball when you are over 35 years old brings out the child in everyone.

3. Bloopers…I won’t call anyone out from last year, but when you get some less-than-professional athletes on a field there are bound to be some funny moments.

2. Fellowship…Let’s be honest, all this Kickball and Potluck stuff is one big excuse to hang out with the people you love and the people you will love but just haven’t met yet. Bring a lawn chair and camp out next to your best friends for an evening of fun.

1. Potluck…Trinity people know how to cook. Starts at 5. Find out more about what to bring here.

Register to play here.

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