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What I Read This Month | November

November 7, 2013

It is officially a week into the month…so this post is certainly late. Here are some of the books I enjoyed this past month.

Does God Desire All To Be Saved? by John Piper. I am not much for debates on predestination and election. I certainly have my opinions, but I would never lead with them. However, you need to have a backbone about you on these issues if you hope to engage in any intelligent spiritual conversation nowadays…or so it seems. Piper certainly has a backbone in this, but presents it in such a winsome way that you can’t help but love Jesus more because of the way he presents the glory of God in calling sinners to faith. This is a short read, but well worth it for those looking for a concise answer to this puzzling question.

On Christian Liberty by Martin Luther. Phenomenal not just for Luther’s defense of justification by faith alone through grace alone, but for how persuasively he argues his case against the Pope. He is persuasive not just because of the arguments he makes, but because of the care he shows for the Pope’s soul in the process. Luther was as bull-headed as any theologian out there, but gentle when he needed to be. This LONG letter is a perfect illustration of a good balance.

Will There Be Donuts? by David Pearl. If you are like me, it seems about half your working time is spend in and out of meetings. It could be with one person or a hundred…our lives seem to be inundated. Pearl does a great job of helping you distinguish what are important meetings and which are not. Which need to be killed and which need to flourish. What makes a great meeting and what makes a poor one. While the book was light on how-to (which I really wanted 🙂 ), it did offer some good questions to ask as you are planning, executing, and even participating in meetings.

The Boy and His Horse by C.S. Lewis. Loved it. Every page of it told a fantastic story of adoption and redemption. Lewis is a master storyteller and knows the biblical story so well that it bleeds into every piece of fiction he writes.

O Love That Will Not Let Me Go Edited by Nancy Guthrie. I goof…no…an awesome resource on a theology of death. There are essays from many great theologians including Warfield, Keller, Edwards, and Piper among others. I found many of them very rewarding and nourishing. Each essay is only about 6-8 pages long so they are great if you are short on time.

1, 2 Timothy and Titus by Bryan Chapell and Kent Hughes. I am using this right now for a small group I am leading. It is in the Preaching the Word series, which has excellent readability and wonderful illustrations. The whole series, I have found, is a good lay-level commentary series that has good resources for preachers.

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